LACC Executive Committee meeting minutes

Meeting date: March 31, 2016 at 11:00 am
Location: Intercontinental Hotel, Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles


  1. Attendance




Hon. Celeste Jimenez



Hon. Jaak Treiman

Second Vice Dean


Amb. Rudi Veestraeten



Hon. Juris Bunkis



Amb. Liliana Cino

Member at Large


Hon. Abdulla Al-Saboosi

Member at Large


Hon. Raife Gülru Gezer

Member at Large


Hon. Umar Hadi

Member at Large


Hon. Abdelhak Saoud

Member at Large


Hon. Lorna Johnson

Member at Large


Hon. Lamia Mekhemar

Member at Large


Hon. Jorge Tagle

Member at Large



2. Welcoming of new members of the E.C.

The Dean and the Executive Committee welcomed two new E.C. members to the meeting: Lamia Mekhemar, Consul General of Egypt and Jorge Table, Consul General of Chile.

The Dean reported on the next recruitment efforts. The Chinese Consul General has declined to become a member for now; the Consuls General of South-Africa and Senegal could not yet be reached.


3. Upcoming events

The Treasurer reported on his several successful contacts. He has now secured the following list of upcoming events:

Wednesday April 27     County of Los Angeles breakfast through day long event at Kenneth Hahn building

Tuesday May 10            City Club afternoon and dinner event, organized by the City Club

Thursday May 19           Time to be confirmed: 30 minutes with CA Attorney General Kamala Harris

Thursday May 26           A21 Campaign (at City Club ?), theme: human trafficking

Thursday June 16         Tentative: City Hall event with Mayor Garcetti/alternatively event with the Mayor of Seattle

(Summer break)

Thursday September 22       Lunch event with Senator Robert Hertzberg, former speaker of CA House (venue to be determined)

Thursday October 27          lunch event with Ed Royce, Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee at the Nixon Library


4. Website, email addresses and rsvp

The Secretary, the Treasurer and Ron Lizardo of the Dean’s office are upgrading the current list of email addresses. This has already strongly benefitted both the website and the monthly invitations (64 confirmations for March 31 !).

The web designer has submitted a quote for an upgrade of the website. The quote was circulated to all E.C. members on March 21, 2016 for their consideration. The Executive Committee approves this expense and charges the Secretary with ordering the update.

The Treasurer explained the current financial situation, and suggested that a voluntary contribution be asked from all the members of the consular corps. The Executive Committee approved of the principle, and tasked the Treasurer with drafting a budget for the coming 12 months in order to determine the amount of each member’s voluntary contribution.


5. Parking at LA

The Dean will contact the office of the Mayor and the LAX authorities to see if there is any change, considering the advancement of the works at diverse parking areas throughout LAX.


6. Welcome kit

We will develop a welcome text for newcomers, to be published on our website and also to be sent upon request to all newcomers. The secretary will take an initiative.


7. Protocol for lunch events

All present welcomed the nicely elaborated agenda the Dean has submitted for the lunch on March 31 and consider this a draft for future lunch events. All present thanked the Dean and Ron Lizardo for the work done in this respect.


Los Angeles, April 1, 2016.