2013 March Cultural Event
2nd March, 2013

The Los Angeles Consular Corps’ Executive Committee invites you and your family and up to four guests to participate in the Los Angeles Conservancy’s Historic Downtown Walking Tour on Saturday, March 2nd.

The walking tour starts at 10:15 am and is approximately 2 hours. It provides an overview of historic & cultural landmarks in downtown Los Angeles. For example, last year’s Academy Award winner, The Artist, was filmed in a historic building highlighted on the tour.

COSTS:            You and your group will be guests of the LACC. The $10.00 per person cost of the tour will be paid by the LACC. 

PLACE:            Meet at Pershing Square, 532 South Olive Street

PARKING:       Pershing Square garage. Parking fee is $5.00. 

LUNCH:           12:30 at the historic LA Athletic Club. You will be responsible for the cost of the lunch at $45.00 per person. This includes a buffet lunch, beverage, dessert, tax and tip. Optional. 

RSVP:  No later than February 26 to the Honorary Consul of Estonia, Jaak Treiman at jaaktreiman@gmail.com indicating: your name, country whether you will be attending both the tour and the lunch or just the tour and the number of people in your party including yourself.

If you are attending the lunch, please send your check for $45.00 per person to the Consular Corps treasurer, the Honorable Daiva Navrrette, Consulate of Lithuania, at 2806 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90402