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What is the best way to introduce Los Angeles to a visitor?

Statistics don’t work. References to 10 million people; 200+ languages; 4,752 square miles; 300+ live theaters; 40+ universities, etc., etc., etc. result in blurred eyes and a listener who doesn’t hear – rather like a pubescent teenager presented with a list of household chores.

In place of statistics, I follow the old adage, “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.”  Instead of drilling visitors with numbers I take them to the place Sir Richard Branson of Virgin fame identified as “an L.A. must-do.” We go for a walk in Runyon Canyon Park.

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Los Angeles is the subject of countless books, nonfiction, and fiction. I have read a minuscule number of these books. From those few I am now selecting a small sample for your consideration. These are books I have found helpful in furthering my knowledge and appreciation of Los Angeles. Perhaps they will do the same for you. In the interest of brevity, many significant works have been omitted, including works by Mike Davis and Kevin Starr. Nonetheless, perhaps there is something in this compilation that will pique your interest.

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